Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tips for Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle can be a very exhilarating and freeing experience, but it can also be very dangerous. Constant vigilance and even education can help you avoid a motorcycle accident. 

Always wear a helmet, and make sure that your helmet meets the Department of Transportation standards. If you plan to take a passenger, he/she should have one as well. It is illegal in most states to ride without wearing a helmet. 

Most states require a motorcycle license. In order to obtain one, a rider must pass a skills and knowledge test. Professional training is essential. Research shows that about 90 percent of bikers involved in accidents were either self-taught or taught by their friends. Going through these hoops could save your life. 

Alcohol and speeding go hand in hand when it comes to accidents. Drinking and riding a motorcycle is against the law, and it is extremely dangerous. About half of the motorcycle accidents involving a single cycle are caused when one drinks and drives. 

It is very important to wear protective clothing. Boots, long pants, full-fingered gloves, a jacket, and goggles or sunglasses are all recommended. The clothing should fit tight and close to the body, and the fabric should be abrasion resistant. Loose clothing that waves in the wind can impair a biker’s vision. Be sure to choose bright colors so that others on the road can easily see you. 

Sharing lanes is definitely not smart. Vehicles don’t share lanes with other vehicles. Motorists look for cars in other lanes; and in most cases, they won’t see a motorcycle sharing a lane with them. An accident can occur when vehicles make a sudden lane change or even drift to one side. This can cause serious consequences to the biker.

Give careful consideration to road hazards. Such hazards include debris in the road or roads that are slick. These conditions cause more danger for motorcycles than they do for cars and can likely lead to accidents. 

Be polite and courteous. Motorcyclists sometimes get the reputation that they own the road. That is not so. Obey all traffic laws, and be conscious of your skill level. Ride according to it, and don’t try to test how well you can ride on a busy highway. Some bikers overestimate their ability and throw caution to the wind. This kind of attitude leaves one open for accidents.

By following these tips, motorcycle enthusiasts can enjoy their passion accident free. In the event of an accident, speak with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Wilmington.

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